About Us

Brian Dotterer

Brian, creator of Bat-A-Rat™, has had the pleasure of sharing his life with some remarkable furry friends. Keeping them healthy and happy has always been a priority. When his cat Elvis developed the habit of eating too fast and consequently ingesting too much food–a trait shared by many beloved pets—Brian worried about his overall health. He set out to design a feeder that would slow Elvis’ eating down, while also providing stimulation and a fun way to encourage more physical activity. Elvis took to the early prototype immediately and has relished his job as number one product tester ever since. In addition to sharing his home with Elvis and Layla, Brian lives with wife and two daughters.

Meet the Video Stars

Elvis is a happy, healthy and very active 13-year-old platinum point Tonkinese. When not product testing Brian’s experiments, Elvis enjoys cuddling with his sister Layla and his human family. Always ready for a challenge, Elvis likes to open doors, drawers and cupboards. Brian has had to put locks on doors since Elvis has figured out how to turn the door knobs. His favorite spot is anywhere his human family is…or playing with his Bat-A-Rat™.

Layla is a champaign solid Tonkinese. At 9, she is a loving and playful little girl. If you want to find her, look up, as her favorite perch is the highest point she can reach! Layla likes to sit back while Elvis “bats” the Rat! She gets her exercise by beating him to the food. She loves to run and is a true jumper. She has been known to jump as high as 5 feet!

Mackenzie is a border collar mix who was rescued from the Humane Society about 5 years ago. At 6, she is healthy and feisty. Mackenzie is very smart and enjoys playing with her friend Scooby. Her favorite toy is a rag, but she also enjoys chewing Frisbees.

Tripod is a very special kitty. Rescued when he was two, Tripod lost a leg to frostbite, but he’s never let that slow him down! Today at 4, he is extremely playful and active, and can often be found pouncing on unsuspecting guests. Tripod will cuddle with everyone and anyone. He likes to play with string and loves to have his tummy rubbed.